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The Horses

We offer a fantastic range of horses and ponies for all ages and abilities.

Please note, this is just a small selection of our horses, we have rides to suit all standards.

Studland Riding Stables Horses Bandit - 15.2 hands

A real head turner with his lovely blanket spotted bottom! He has a lovely cheeky nature and can be a little greedy at times but a great ride for anyone. He does however have quite a bouncy canter so a light 2 point seat is recommended.
Studland Riding Stables Horses Boris - 16.1 hands

A safe and comfortable ride, a real weight carrier with the sweetest nature. A real confidence giver that you could put your granny on!
Studland Riding Stables Horses Casper - 16 hands

Hailing from Ireland, Casper is one of our main lead horses, he loves a plod around the heath on novice rides but when its time to pick up the pace an experienced rider is an absolute must.
Studland Riding Stables Horses Duchess - 16.1 hands

Having been at the stables since a youngster, Duchess is clued up on stable life. An absolute gem for novice riders, whilst also picking up the pace and giving an exhilarating ride for experienced riders.
Studland Riding Stables Horses Lady - 14.3 hands

One ride and you will fall in love, she is forward going with lovely paces but can be a typical mare at times! She's so easy you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.
Studland Riding Stables Horses Rhubarb - 14.3 hands

A big hit with his riders and regularly requested, he's a little pocket rocket who insists on a long rein in walk, you are guaranteed a fun ride on this chirpy little blagdon cob, he loves his work and wants to please, which he usually does!
Studland Riding Stables Horses Rio - 17.2 hands

The biggest horse on the yard but also one of the gentlest, this big fellow will happily take a beginner around the heath, whilst also being an enjoyable responsive mount for experienced riders with his lovely lollopy canter! He has stringhalt which means he looks a bit funny when he walks but he's quite happy out on rides.
Studland Riding Stables Horses Smartie - 15.1 hands

A cheeky Appaloosa who is happy grooming you as you groom him! Loves life and can be ridden Western or English. Could win the prize for the horse that can pull the silliest face! For experienced riders only.
Studland Riding Stables Horses Topaz - 15.1 hands

A solid and kind hearted mare who likes to look after her rider, popular with nervous and rusty riders due to her lovely smooth canter. She's not too keen on horses behind her so is happiest bringing up the rear of the ride.
Studland Riding Stables Horses Whiskey - 14.3 hands

Possibly one of the cleverest horses on the yard! Whisky will respond to English or Western aids and has a beautiful canter. A super ride for all.